Amie Talbot 

Color Pencil Artist


List Prices



                8 x 10                 

11 x 14$500-$550

11 x 17

11 x 17 + $1.50 for every square inch exceeding 11 x 17



Additional Information:


  • ONLY work from a 4 x 6 existing photo. The photo must be of good quality ie. compositionally sound, good resolution.  I DO NOT create a drawings based on multiple photos, ONLY A SINGLE PHOTO.


  • A 30% deposit is required upon agreement of commission.  The outstanding balance will be paid (in full) on completion of commission drawing.

  • List prices DO NOT include framing.  Assistance with framing is optional, but at the clients expense. 

  • Duration of commission is estimated between 1-3 weeks.  Additional time must be considered for framing 1-2 weeks on top of drawing time.

  • The List Prices outlined above are a base price and are subject to change depending on: multiple subjects, extensive detail, odd sizes. 

  • The artist will produce a drawing (in relation to the reference photo) to the best of her ability.

  • (Optional) The artist can send progress images to the client.