Amie Talbot 

Color Pencil Artist


Amie Talbot was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  Expressing her creativity has always been a way of life for her.  Like many budding artists, Amie started out by exploring different mediums all in her attempt to find her bearings.  It was during this inquisitive time that she stumbled onto colored pencil art.  Taken by the expressiveness of this fundamental medium, Amie taught herself the technique of colored pencils. 


Since then, Amie has built an impressive body of work that has been featured in galleries through the Ottawa area.  Her work has also been juried into the National Colored Pencil Exhibition, which has traveled throughout Canada.  When she's not actively creating new works of art, she writes the Q&A column for the Colored Pencil Magazine. 


Aside from creating colored pencil drawings, Amie has also become an advocate for educating and increasing the visibility of this great medium. 


Amie still resides in the Ottawa area with her husband and two children